The African Market

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We are glad to announce that PWS will participate in the Tastin’ France which will take place from 10 to 14 June in #Kenya, #Cameroon, and #Nigeria. This event will be the perfect opportunity to showcase our range of #French wines and explore the dynamic African wine market. 

Indeed, African countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, and Cameroon are showing impressive signs of economic growth. Kenya, often referred to as the « economic engine » of East Africa, is showing solid annual growth, highlighting its role as a @strategic hub in the region. Nigeria, one of Africa’s largest economies continues to grow rapidly, making it a key #market for luxury goods, including quality wines and spirits. Cameroon, for its part, is one of the main importers of wines in sub-Saharan Africa, proving the increase in demand for superior #quality products.

In other words, wine markets in Kenya, Nigeria, and Cameroon are characterized by a growing middle class and an increase in the consumption of #luxury goods. In Kenya, the emergence of a middle class is driving demand for wines, with annual imports exceeding 25 million euros.  In Nigeria, the growth of the wine and spirits market has been phenomenal, doubling in volume and tripling in value over the past decade. Cameroon, with its imports valued at more than 30 million euros, shows a particular enthusiasm for French wines, with Bordeaux dominating the market.

In 2023, these markets continue to favor French wines, renowned for their quality and #prestige. As local importers are looking for products that not only meet the growing demand but also offer captivating storytelling and neat presentation, PWS provides a range of French wines that should meet all of your expectations. 

Through this event, we hope not only to highlight our range of wines but also to deepen our understanding of the preferences and #trends of African consumers, thus continuing to #adapt our offer to better meet their #expectations.