Wine Paris: A Promising Glimpse into the Future of the Wine Industry

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Wine Paris 2024 was much more than just a wine exhibition, it was a whirlwind of opportunities and enriching encounters that marked the presence of Badebec, one of our flagship products. With an attendance increase of 13.5%, the show confirmed its status in the wine world, bringing together 41,253 visitors and 4,070 exhibitors, a real record.

As soon as the doors opened, the atmosphere was electric, with visitors from all walks of life eager to discover new vintages and forge promising partnerships. The show was the scene of exciting discussions about the future of the wine industry, marking a new beginning for the sector. The impressive attendance figures suggest promising days for the sector, bringing with it the hope of a renaissance and renewed prosperity.

Beyond the record attendance, what marked the spirits at this wine fair, was the spirit of conquest that animated both exhibitors and visitors. Despite the challenges currently facing the world of wine, new perspectives are emerging, bringing hope and renewal.

Our Badebec nature wine was present, for those who did not have the chance to taste it at the Wine Paris fair, PWS is pleased to announce that we will also be present at other upcoming shows. This is the perfect opportunity to discover our wines and share with us our passion for wine. Stay connected on our social networks to know our next destinations and do not miss the opportunity to live an unforgettable taste experience with Badebec.